Happy Bday Kstew!

9 04 2010

Our little baby all grows up, and such a gorgeous grown-up lady indeed. Happy 20!

super sexy stew @ the nyc runaways premier

badass kstew as joan jett

This girl is so OBVS an Aries. I love it.

Lil Stew in her first movie role, being a total bad girl:

Peep this Porsche commercial K shot in her kiddie years. Totes cute! I recognize that brow raise at the end, don’t you?

Knoxville Benefit Pics

18 11 2009

Here is that dress!  Just like I promised you twi hearts.

they did it for the childrenz

pin-upy, nice peep toes

dont mess with the stew, she out attitudes even me

Team Jacob!

In mere hours, We will be watching New Moon. I’m soexcite.

[Lots and lots more HQ pics at KStewartFan.org]