Fatch no nakey?

7 08 2009

Oh Peter, we love you and kinda wish this wasn’t a joke. 😉


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MTV: Wow! Well, speaking of what you’ve seen: We interviewed Jamie Campbell Bower recently, and he was talking about a scene that you guys filmed for “New Moon.”

Facinelli: Right, I read that. The flashback where they’re all bathing in the Roman bath.

MTV: Chris Weitz says the scene doesn’t exist. Can you set the record straight?

Facinelli: No, they were naked. It was really weird! I mean, I come in and I’m in full 18th-century garb, and they’re in the Roman bath. Maybe it’s a surprise or something …

MTV: Are you messing with me?

cute expression round-up

25 07 2009

i don’t know bout y’all, but i’ve been beside myself in twi-consumption mode the past couple of days. videos and pics from comic-con are everywhere! it’s like a feast for the senses. in fact, i am pretty sure i have watched the 2 bootleg clips about 17jillion times. here are some gems that made me LOL.

smolder + zoinks

really? + zoinks

dance-off + smolder

dance-off + smolder





glowering part 2

glowering part 2

there’s a big old gallery over at Socialite Life that is only slightly tainted by their inclusion of rumer willis and audrina patridge.

cutest family ever besides the cullens of course

4 07 2009


oh facinellis. you win at life.

oh facinellis. you win at life.

Single Ladies Bikini Dance Video!!

30 06 2009

I got nothin to say but Peter is so.damn.cute. And don’t ever make a bet with Peter Facinelli.

And had I been Sarahterrible (eh hem), our LA founding SigO, or had this happened in September, my ass wouldve been at the corner of Hollywood and Vine at 10am sharp this morning to watch this go down.

peter is so cute

21 06 2009