Queen Latifah spoofs New Moon at PCAS

7 01 2010

Check it. It brings the LOLZ.

People’s Choice 2010 recap

7 01 2010

Taylor and Slutz came out in their finest suits to rep the Twilight franchise at this year’s People’s Choice Awards.

The Twilight Saga was the big People’s Choice winner (duh), taking home four awards for favorite movie, franchise, on-screen team and male breakout actor, Taylor Lautner.  

Here some tasty morsels:

Slutz working that red carpet..

look at that slutzy smirk...

this is what a winner looks like

this kid really is the next tom cruise

well he's got that puppy dog eyes thing down pat doesn't he?

oh look, its just Slutz hobnobbing with some hot blondes - shocker

And no, Kristen and Rob did not make any PCA appearances. They are too busy canoodling somewhere on the Isle of Wight. Where the walls are made of down comforters and chocolate rain falls from the sky- remember? Fingers crossed they will come out of hiding for the Oscars. But just for the eff of it: of course this is America’s favorite on screen team :

Dream Team

Cupcake out.