Robsten at the Oscars!?!

6 01 2010

Dear God, 

Please please please make the producers of this year’s Oscar telecast invite Rob and Kristen to present. I know none of their films will be nominated (although Anna Kendrick may be- holler), but I am dying to see what Kristen will wear to the most glamorous, prestigous awards show ever. Cause you know her ass is too good for those People’s Choice Awards. Amen.

Love, Cupcake



Via Moviefone:

“The Oscar producers are almost sure to invite ‘New Moon’ co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to appear on the show as presenters. And they may enlist a couple of the new generation cast from ‘Star Trek’ for the same task. But it won’t be the same as having their movies on the Best Picture ballot.” Whateves. 

There are few things I love almost as much as Twilight and Kristen Stewart, watching the Oscars is up there. (I like to do my own fashion review- no bigs)

Anna K’s Entertainment Weekly Cover

31 12 2009

Do we have a possible Oscar nom for our girl Anna Kendrick as well? That would be so sick. It would be even sickkker if she won. **crosses fingers**

This week Anna shares the EW cover with the lovely Vera Farmiga, and the one and only George Clooney. Hopefully our beloved Edward will age as well as GC, oh wait…what am i saying Edward…age. haha silly me.

Lucky...i mean talented girls.