Kristen and Ashley: Sundance 2010!

2 12 2009

Both of these Twi Babes have films that were selected (113 competitors out of 3724 runners) to go to the Sundance Film Festival next year in Utah.

Ashley Greene’s “Skateland” and Kristen’s “Welcome to the Rileys” will both be shown. Get it girls! Get you some accolades!

"hope we dont get stranded in Utah like JJ and Cupcake did during the SigO Roadtrip of '09"

Official Remember Me poster

1 12 2009

I feel like we should still be analyzing New Moon. It’s too soon to be talking so much about their other projects. But nevertheless, here is the Remember Me poster :

hey that's not kristen stewart 😦

 [via ThinkingofRob]

Anna Kendrick’s makin’ moves

30 11 2009

I was telling my homies about seeing a preview for this film, and thinking to myself “Damn that Jessica Stanley is a good actress.” I mean we all love how ridiculous Kendrick plays Jessica (“movie night with Belllaaaaaa”), but this girl’s got some chops. She is not just some background Twilight chick. Check her out holding her own opposite George mothereffin Clooney.