Twihard Fan Posters are Hilarious

18 11 2009

Some of the posters from fans waiting outside the New Moon premiere in L.A. were really quite comical. Twihards are seriously some of the most crazed fans out there, but they do not lack wit either. Nothing is better than a witty twihard. Duh, why you think we started this blog?

Below are a few of my favs.

notice old dude on the back right. haha what a pedo.

good question!

both of these guys are just...awesome.


you can see the rest of the gallery at Video Gum

New Moon Red Carpet- L.A. Bitches

16 11 2009

Right now this is happening. They’re setting up for the madness.

Mann’s Village Theatre. Westwood. 


its becoming a reality...


Kstew is gonna be wearing something VICIOUS! squeeee