Nikki Reed starts directing today

23 11 2009

what da dill nikki?

Supposedly it’s a video for her other bff Sage’s band, Sage and the Dills, and it’s happening in London. Not sure where exactly, but judging by the band’s attire I’m urging our U.K. sisters to poke around the Palace. Fingers crossed for a Robert/Sage/Richard Ashcroft bittersweet-symphony snogging sarnie (that’s Brit speak for makeout sandwich). Yeah I know the Verve has nothing to do with Twilight, I just think Mr. A is a hottie (though most people don’t agree with me). Anyway, back to Nikki:

“I don’t think I’m going to be an actor forever. Unfortunately, with time and age your career slows down. It’s just a fact,” the Daily Star quoted Nikki as saying. “But I’m directing for the first time [today]… I’m directing a little music video for a friend of mine who’s a wonderful musician, her name is Sage.”

Below is some footage of Nikki holding down the fort before a S&TD show back in April (when she started working on Eclipse). She even talks about how Sage pooped in the bath tub when they were little. Nikki totally likes poo humor!! Aw, what a great bestie.

Here’s some Dills music, but the audio blows.

Check out the Dills FB page.

Wanted – Undead or Alive

30 10 2009

This is pretty fantastic. It’s a spoof on Bon Jovi’s “Wanted: Dead or Alive” using the  ‘New Moon’ plot.

I’m actually really impressed with the quality of this video. My favorite part is Jacob. So hilar.