Twi-cast upcoming movie roundup: 2010

24 11 2009

Hey good lookinz

Yes, New Moon just came out, but can we get enough? Never! Since we always need MORE, a list of upcoming projects for the Twilight saga crew might fill those empty months from now until June, and from June until Breaking Dawn, whenever (and IF ever!) that is.

Obviously, the mother lode is in June with the release of Eclipse, but hopefully this list will help you through the months when we can’t get what we really really want! If actors are not listed, that means the only project I came across for that actor was Eclipse. If you know more, please get in touch and we Sig O’s will update the list accordingly.

The Twi-cast in 2010
Kristen Stewart (Bella)
Welcome to the Rileys – TBA, as Mallory ** This was originally slated to be released this year, but has been delayed. 2010 looks promising.
The Runaways – TBA, as Joan Jett)
K-11 -TBA, as Butterfly (with Nikki)

Robert Pattinson (Edward)
Remember Me – February, as Tyler
Unbound Captives – TBA (probably late in the year), as Phineas

Taylor Lautner (Jacob)
Valentine’s Day – February, as Tyler (wtf, Bella’s men are both playing Tylers. Coincidence? I think not!)
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kiowa scores his next big thing

2 09 2009

aww little kiowa. so adory. want to touch the hiney.

get it while the gettin is good

get it while the gettin is good

is this kid’s career is about to catapult? pretty much anyone cast in any of the Twilight movies from here on out are considered “IT” for as long as the Saga rides its tidal wave of popularity with fans.

Kiowa landed the part of Embry in New Moon as his first big break, and now he’ll be starring in the indie horror flick Into the Darkness, slated for release March 2011.

He also recently may have just started tweeting. The *alleged* profile that is being circulated as his real Twitter account is @CircaKiGordon, however the jury is still out, in my opinion, on whether this is for really real or not.

[via Examiner]

showtime locks down exclusive twi-rights

10 07 2009

twi-rights … ok that was bad…

but for subscribers of showtime, this is good!

vampire wars move to cable

vampire wars move to cable

watch your back HBO, there’s a new vampire network coming up from behind:

“Showtime has signed an exclusive Twilight deal with Summit Entertainment that gives Showtime the rights to air all Twilight films in the Stephenie Meyer based Twilight Saga upon the release of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn to cable television. With cable television currently enjoying a new moon in popularity and far from any twilight of what TV fans can expect, the release of critically acclaimed cable TV movies and series have overshadowed mainstream networks.” [via The Deadbolt]

ok so this is a ways off… we all have time to get a raise and invest in that suddenly sweet cable package that includes showtime AND hbo.



next up, the PADDLE!

next up, the PADDLE!

Speaking of new contenders … this post was made by sigO AppleWithFangHoles, who is currently being hazed into upperclassman status. Apple stepped forward and impressed us with her enthusiasm, initiative and overall “go get ’em” team player attitude. we’ll be periodically posting her stuff, and she may become a regular voice on the blog. that is, AFTER she runs naked through the quad waving a sigO flag.   jk jk

big group hug welcome to Apple! tell us what you think about her stuff!

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