So so good

9 06 2010

Not new or super relevant but man it’s awesome, right? Just a reminder of the beauty of B&E.

Lykke Li: Love, Death and Rob

12 10 2009

Lykke Li didnt even have a hook for her song, “Possibility” until she saw New Moon for herself. She hadnt read the books, or saw the first film, she’s not living under a rock- just Swedish.

Mtv posted a great video with an interview of Lykke Li- whose album “Youth Novels” is my favorite of the year… I was always including Lykke Li in my dream soundtrack line up…and then like a miracle from God, she’s in there!


the most interesting new artist out there - in my humble opinion

the most interesting new artist out there - in my humble opinion

Excerpt from the MTV interview:

She found fame and acclaim (more so back home than abroad, but who’s counting) with her 2008 album Youth Novels, a simmering, sexy disc that built indelibly unique pop music out of sources both organic (handclaps, foot stomps, etc) and mechanical (808s, theremins, etc.). She has since toured the world and spent much of her time trying to figure out what to do next. Writing a song for a very major Hollywood picture just didn’t seem to be in the cards.

Basically, she wasn’t sure it would be good for her career as a budding new artist to do the soundtrack for the seemingly teen angst vampire movie…

Until she saw it for herself. Then she was hooked, fell in love with Rob, fell in love with Bella and Edward’s love story- just like the rest of us.

“So it was very much like a discovery, inside myself and musically. I had this song growing inside of me that I had to get out, and [the film] was the trigger. Because I really connected with Bella and Edward’s tortured love story.”

The song is beautiful, listen to it here: