New Moon Soundtrack – So effing tight

13 10 2009

Most of you already know this from all the flurry on Twitter, but for those non-tweeting sigO’s out there…

New Moon soundtrack is being released EARLY due to high demand! (read: because it has already leaked)

…and by early, I mean THIS FRIDAY – 10/16.

announced today via the Official Twilight twitter

announced today via the Official Twilight twitter

Let me preclude my next statement by first saying that I have already ordered my copy in support of the Summit franchise and specifically for the artwork that i can’t wait to pour myself over. I can only imagine all the gajillions in royalties that were probably lost because of the leak… however… I may or may not have already gotten a taste via a little birdy who shall remain nameless.

my official review:

IT’S SOOO MF’ing DOPE!!! I have yet to choose a favorite track.

[via @Twilight]