KStew: “I love girls who are in love with me”.

10 12 2009

I knew it. She said this to E! Online. She also let Nikki Reed pee on her. Well, she didnt let Nikki pee on her, but it happenned!

Creepyville, pop. 1 (still just me)

I would like this t-shirt instead of the wolves howling at the moon, Apple.


c'mon if this doesnt make you want to swing both ways, nothing will

Dyke Watch is the new Mullet Watch.

I know, I know Ive gotten out of hand inappropriate.

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I also would like to say…

8 12 2009

That’s it.

Twi-fecta on Jimmy Kimmel

21 11 2009

3 for the price of one!

Kristen’s style has really evolved. She has so come into her own since Twilight. This black dress with those straps flying off the waist, is so dominatrix like. I feel like if she busted out a whip at any point, Taylor or Rob would just get on their fucking knees!  The Louboutin stilettos! She is so in charge right now. She is a FRESH BITCH!

Kristen looking smoking hot on Jimmy Fallon

20 11 2009

Check Kstew out working the vixen vibe!

So swoon-worthy. And it looks like Jimmy agrees, he’s totally crushing. Check her football skills too.

FYI KStew was rocking this Andrew Gn fall 2009 dress. It looks to me like she had it shortened, but with stems like those, it would be a crime to keep ’em covered.

Kstew does it better

The Cinema Society and D&G Host a Screening of New Moon

19 11 2009

Tonight. In NYC. Kristen and Nikki together! Yay! Eff the Nikki haters!

um is it me or does kristen keep getting hotter and hotter with every press event?

my fave makeup yet! cuz that's how I wear mine, duh

there are those sick Louboutins again.

[lots more pics at KstewartFan]

The Star of the Night

16 11 2009

There is no doubt about who that is, considering they saved her grand entrance for LAST. Here are some more pics from the premiere, she looks so elegant in that gauzy Oscar de la Renta strapless ball gown, with perfect understated make-up!!!! So gorge!!!  Badass and elegant all at once! Bravo!

love the dress!

so happy! yay!

hi pretty face

I also really liked what she did with her hair. LBH, that mullet has GOT to be hard to rock. She’s rocking it in it’s growing out phase! Props!

[first 2 pics via RobertandKristen.org]

the Fierceness

16 11 2009

How effing FIERCE is this face? God I’m such a fangirl. It’s pitiful.



dont hurt em

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