Knoxville Benefit Pics

18 11 2009

Here is that dress!  Just like I promised you twi hearts.

they did it for the childrenz

pin-upy, nice peep toes

dont mess with the stew, she out attitudes even me

Team Jacob!

In mere hours, We will be watching New Moon. I’m soexcite.

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Kristen and Taylor are now in Knoxville!

17 11 2009

They dont sleep. They dont stop. They cant stop. They are the Upper Twi Crust and they have to keep promoting this machine….

L.A. Premiere was just LAST night after a whirlwind week in Europe, including stops in Munich, Madrid, and London. Then appearances on Jay Leno (TayLaut), Conan (KStew) and Ellen (Robear)- NOW these two have ALREADY flown to Knoxville for the charity premiere of New Moon  at the Regal Pinnacle theater in Turkey Creek. All in a week. I am exhausted just typing about it. 

Dedication buck, that’s what’s going to keep this unstoppable Twi machine going.

And just an FY-TWI, The Fierce one is wearing a Jason Wu Spring 2010 RTW Strapless Dress in Knoxville tonight. So sick.

when I get a picture of Kristen in this dress, I shall post it. but for now this will do.

knoxville premiere update – KStew & TayLaut confirmed!

15 09 2009

New updates on the Knoxville premiere of New Moon… mark your calendars for Tuesday, November 17.

do i smell a roadtrip?

do i smell a roadtrip? confirms KStew and TayLaut will be in the MF hizzy!! There are rumors swirling around on Twitter that Rob might be going, but that is not yet confirmed. You have to enter a drawing in person for a chance at purchasing 2 tix for $100.

“…there will be a limited number of tickets available to the public, distributed by drawing.

Fans can register for the drawing from Oct. 9-11 exclusively at Regal Cinemas locations in Knoxville — Pinnacle Stadium 18, West Town Mall Stadium 9, Riviera Stadium 8, Knoxville Center Stadium 10 and Downtown West 8.

Winners’ names will be drawn Nov. 3, and they will be given the opportunity to purchase two general admission tickets for $100 each.”

According to Google Maps, Knoxville is about 7.5 hrs from DC. Pack up your mini Edwards and cardboard Edwards, ladies, we’re headin’ down to Tennessee for the ho down y’all!