Kellan on Bonnie Hunt

2 12 2009


Kellan with his numba one, Kola

Bonnie had Slutz on in full effect this morning, and has Ashley Greene scheduled as a guest on her show this Friday.

She also had Peter Facinelli on last year, watch that for good measure.

BTW Peter is a total Babe-ra-ham Lincoln. I’m getting all Twisexual with my teams. MUST STAY STRONG.

“He’s Ripped Like Marky Mark in 1991”

18 11 2009

Best quote ever describing Taylor’s bod! One can’t really disagree, though, can one?

good vibrations

On a sappy note, Taylor says of Jacob:
“I was, like, ‘Wow, he can’t get the girl he wants and he’s being shut down and used.’ But now that I’m actually filming it and living this character, I feel so much worse.”

I can do angst.

It’s OK boo.

slutz giggles over high testosterone levels

23 10 2009

the perfect arch

in a interview with the peoria (illinois) journal star, when asked “What do you do to get into character, to get your mind into the vampire world?” kellan lutz said:

“For me, when I’m away on set, the energy I get from my workouts and the training I do – especially with filming “Eclipse” right now – helps put myself in the mindset of becoming Emmett. It’s a lot of testosterone buildup, I guess (laughs). A lot of times what helps is to do quick push-ups to get the heart rate going.”

that heart rate thing is contagious… *sizzle*

New Ash Greene photoshoot pics!

24 08 2009

Too cute for words. 


hi, I just bumped rachel mcadams out of cupcake's #2 girl crush spot

hi, I just bumped rachel mcadams out of cupcake's #2 girl crush spot



The always-stunning New Moon star Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen) did a photoshoot with photography team Smallz and Raskind, netting these hot new pics.


choice hotties- no spoiler

10 08 2009

Okay TOTAL spoiler, but whatever, thats what happens when you film an awards show the day before you air it.

I just really wanted to share these pics I found from Getty Images of Megan and Rob after accepting their respective (so respective) awards for Choice Hotties.

I wonder if she made him uncomfortable

I wonder if she made him uncomfortable

yup hotties.

yup hotties.



Damn can this effing show air already?