the Twi-fecta on Jimmy Kimmel

13 11 2009

These pics were taken earlier this month, from the taping of the show which airs on November 20th. 7 days til all hell breaks loose.


so happy together!


I have Britney's new jam "3" stuck in my head

I would just like to say for the record, that I am super stoked on how happy they seem to be this time around doing the press for New Moon as opposed to Twilight. Yay ‘fecta!

HQ EW Twi-fecta Cover

11 11 2009

KStew’s eyes pierce me to my soul.  That is all. 



Holy Trinity leave LA for PARIS

9 11 2009

RP, Kstew and Taylaut were spotted (ok attacked) at LAX, Nov 8th as they take off for gay Paris to promote the NEW MOON, woot woot.

50+ pics over at Socialite Life .



is it a SMILE?


she always has her iPod....ready for flight



outta his way effers


are those TayLaut's parents?


sparkly and wolfy



Let the promotional tour BEGIN!



Holy Trinity of Twi Takeover

13 10 2009

“In addition to Kristen Stewart’s Allure cover, the Harper’s Bazaar with Stewart and Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner’s Rolling Stone cover, Gossip Cop is told that all three are slated to appear on an upcoming Entertainment Weekly cover.”

(not to mention Stewart on the cover of November 2009 Seventeen and Interview‘s 40th Anniversary Issue to boot)

stay tuned for total world domination

stay tuned for total world domination

[via GossipCop]