Rob as Kurt Cobain?

9 04 2010

Yes.  Yes I LOVE IT.

The internet has been abuzz today with rumors of Robear playing the late great Cobain in a bio-pic. If Kristen can kill it as Joan, I say why NOT? He’s talented, plays guitar and can sing. Plus he totes has a messy mop top. The teeny bopper haters who think Cobain is too much of a rock god (which he is LBH) and that it would be blasphemy to have Robear play him- EFF OFF, see what he can do at least…


JamBo in bondage in Nylon

5 09 2009

hah. yeah i wish. actually he’s popping up in Nylon magazine with his costar Ruth Wilson chatting about the AMC miniseries Prisoner in which they star. there must be a ton of twihards over at Nylon cuz they just keep on bringing us the twi goodness in each and every issue.

"This show is pretty fucked up. It's absolutely nuts." - JamBo

"This show is pretty fucked up. It's absolutely nuts." - JamBo

The show is “an update of the 1968 British original, which ran for 17 episodes and is now regarded as a cult classic—an even more tripped-out Twin Peaks with a the-less-you-know-the-better set-up.

i don’t even know what channel AMC is, but i shall find out cuz this show sounds tight.

[via Team Twilight]