I know EXACTLY what to get Allie for christmas

18 12 2009


I can't quit you! or your chin!

bet you can't even handle my new Runaways trailer.

I love you Helen Killer. I love everything you stand for.

xx hollerway

Apple’s Top 10 Xmas Gifts for Twi Hards

8 12 2009


For your working novel!

10: Cullen Family Crest Flash drive.

Today I rocked the blue suede jawns

9. A pair of Tom’s a la Kstew.

Game face: massive game of chicken

8. A red robe, Italy style, to be worn when you jump out in front of whoever won that fucking Volvo.

Viva Italy

7. A Boy by Band of Outsiders button-down (that’s who made Bella’s green shirt).

Sam, Jacob, Embry

6. A three-wolf moon tee, because now you have a new reason to wear one. If you already have one, regift with pride.

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