Taylor makes funnies on SNL last night

13 12 2009

OMG. He did it! He brought the serious LOLz!!! 

I love a boy who can poke fun at himself, among other things…eh hem


Twilight plus Mean Girls: 2 of our favorite things

29 11 2009

This one’s for you JJ. Thanks @MtvtnPrclmtn !!!






sigO exclusive interview: TwiLite author

5 08 2009

a few months ago, a controversial parody hit the Twi-world. some called it blasphemy, some called it a masterpiece.  author Steve Jenner calls it TwiLite: A Parody. who is this person who mocks my Twi???

i found my way to TwiLiteParody.com where excerpts from the book are available for free preview. sigO hollerway and i read the excerpts together over the phone and found ourselves with tears streaming down our faces from

laughing. SO. HARD.

165 pages of sheer hilarity

165 pages of sheer hilarity

Forks = Sporks

Bella Swan = Stella Crow

Edward Cullen = Edweird Sullen

Jacob Black = Yakob Brown

if you can have a sense of humor about Twilight, you will love it. what’s an obsession if you can’t have fun with it? TwiLite has the slapstick feel of Scary Movie coupled with clever and unexpected twists in both the plot and dialogue. think Anna Faris meets Spaceballs meet Vampires.

i was able to catch up with Mr. Jenner, and scored an interview! he’s just as witty off the pages. find out why he wrote the book, who would win a UFC cage-match between him and Stephanie Meyer and the age-old question plaguing all twi-hards worldwide. which team is he on?

read the entire interview after the jump!

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Funniest blog? Twitarded (besides us)

5 07 2009


them bitches are funny. twi hards after our own hearts…