Forks Reality Show?

31 12 2009

According Reality TV producers are now trying to milk the Twilight gravy train along with everyone else on the planet, by creating a reality television show based on  the town our beloved Vampires reside, Forks, Washington.

Twilight’s hometown, Forks, Washington, is getting its own reality TV series, because we can’t stop until the last drop of merchandising blood has been suckled from Stephenie Meyer’s heaving money maker. Let’s hope it includes the Twilight Themed Hotel.

Reality TV producers are planning a new series based on Forks, Washington, the town that Meyer set her Twilight saga in. Right now, the crew is seeking out a cast based on everyday people that live in Forks. So nothing to do with Twilight at all, unless you overlook the fact that the half the town has converted to Twilight tourism…

And no this isn’t the documentary called Twilight In Forks, this is an entirely different reality-based show about Forks. But still, the crew insists that the project will focus on the riveting lives of the ordinary people in Forks, not those who think they are vampires, or werewolves — because who wants to see that, besides the 100 people a day who clamor into Forks looking to get a piece of Edward?

Me? a reality star? no way!

MSN’s Virtual Tour of Twilight!

16 11 2009

Have you taken the Twi pilgrimage out to the Pacific Northwest? How about out to Montelpulciano, Italy to visit Volterra? I’m trying to convince my SigBoy that it would be worth it for the wine and food alone, and I think he’s cracking.


forks 2.0

Now, thanks to MSN, Bing, and the magic of the internet, you can take an interactive virtual tour of Forks, La Push, Port Angeles and Volterra. The exclusive Twilight video tour features 16 of Twilight’s and New Moon’s most exciting locations, such as the Cullen house, Forks Police Station, Forks Hospital, Bella Italia, the dress shop and the book store.

There are also a bunch of special narrated video segments:

  • Land of Legends – learn about werewolf and vampire mythology in the Olympic peninsula (Narrated by JamBo and Party Wolf)
  • Bella’s Birthday –  see how Bella’s birthday is celebrated at the actual Stephanie Meyer Day in Forks, Washington
  • High School Tour – take a ride through the hallways of Forks High School
  • Transformation of Forks – see how the city of Forks, Washington has transformed into a “Twihard” haven


[via Examiner]

newsflash: forks outsell knives!

22 07 2009

The FORK has officially outsold the KNIFE in the U.K.!!!! Fork-lovers around the world rejoice.

worlds largest fork in springfield, MO

world's largest fork in springfield, MO

According to a recent revelation from Debenham’s department store just yesterday, forks now outsell matching knives by nearly 2 to 1 across the country, the department store revealed yesterday. British restaurateurs echo the findings from what they see in dining trends:

“The knife will always be there, but people are definitely using fewer of them,” said Hadi Aknin, the maître d’hôtel at the Launceston Place restaurant in Kensington, west London. “We see many customers eating with just the fork, although I always give them the option of the knife.”

The article blames American table etiquette as the culprit influence, be WE all know the truth, don’t we???

Twilight put Forks on the map… and not just the US one. LBH (trademarked holls term for “let’s be honest”)

[via The Independent UK]

all day i dream about

13 05 2009