slutz giggles over high testosterone levels

23 10 2009

the perfect arch

in a interview with the peoria (illinois) journal star, when asked “What do you do to get into character, to get your mind into the vampire world?” kellan lutz said:

“For me, when I’m away on set, the energy I get from my workouts and the training I do – especially with filming “Eclipse” right now – helps put myself in the mindset of becoming Emmett. It’s a lot of testosterone buildup, I guess (laughs). A lot of times what helps is to do quick push-ups to get the heart rate going.”

that heart rate thing is contagious… *sizzle*

Even Slutz can breakdance

31 07 2009

Well look at Slutz, at the French Connections Summer experience playing Twister.

I like this jock more and more everyday.


GET IT EMMETT!! use them mus-culs

GET IT EMMETT!! use them mus-culs

Nikki plus Slutz = cute

30 07 2009

Doing their best Rosalie & Emmett at the TXTL8R event in Hollywood.


I need more Rosalie and Emmett in my life I think

I need more Rosalie and Emmett in my life I think

emmett is going to the ho down y’all

21 05 2009

"i may be from the sticks, y'all, but i can still go 'rrraaaawwwrrr'"

oh hello, emmett. is that a turtleneck in your mouth? or are you just happy to see me? i always forget how hot you are because sometimes you are just way to jocky-looking for my type. but now i see that if you get naked and just hold your j.crew cableknit sweater in your teeth how intensely smokin you can be.

but i couldnt help but giggle when i read:

Kellan Lutz to Attend Mott Tractor Fest in North Dakota

sorry – no code-break, but can you seriously see emmett just plowing into tractor fest standing up on the back of a tractor, like how he arrives at school the day bella decides to “demand to know what his problem” is?

he will be in a remake of the original Nightmare on Elm Street. and guess who he is playing – the popular jock!