Rohair update

19 05 2010

RPattz’s new ‘do. Here he is on Ellen on May 19.

From Dusk ’til Dawn with Robear

4 11 2009
what a way to start the day

what a way to start the day

According to the Examiner, RPattz is schedule to appear on David Letterman on Nov. 18 (although reluctantly so) as well as morning stints on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and NBC’s Today Show.

Speaking of Ellen’s show, Lil’ Miss Tay dished about the better Taylor on her show today. Check it out!

Make love to your Tivo: Robear on Ellen this week!

13 07 2009

RHottz will be on Ellen this Wednesday, unfortunately most of us Sig Os will be at work. Set your DVRs, my pretties.

Le preview. it’s a re-airing, but will be just as tasty the 2nd time around.

yes, i'm real.

yes, i'm real.

his original appearance back in nov 2008 (see video) was nothing short of swoon-worthy. adorable-o-meter off the charts! can’t wait to see it TV-sized!