Newest Eclipse Trailer

23 04 2010

Oh. YES.

Best Boyfriend Ever

22 04 2010

The latest image from Eclipse: Edward.

[see more scans from Dark Magazine here]


20 03 2010

Watch this sneak preview, complete with behind the scenes sneaky peeks and an interview with the New Victoria, Riley and Bree. PLUS AN ACTUAL SCENE FROM ECLIPSE!!! Oh shiiiiit.

Seriously though, this was kinda dope so you should WATCH IT. Like right now.

Your  Welcome.

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11 03 2010

its comiiiinngggg!!!

1-2-3 Make Out!

23 02 2010

Eclipse make out stills…OMG GET IT ON.

Feelin' on your butt what?

get it girl

get it boy

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Eclipse Trailer News

19 02 2010

In case you havent already heard: the first ECLIPSE trailer will play with Rob’s film “Remember Me” on March 12th!! Double the Robear goodness!!


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Bryce Interview, JBone Cameo

9 02 2010

in my grandma’s glasses, too.