Breaking Dawn Director Named

7 04 2010

Dude from Dreamgirls. I didn’t see it. Maybe it sucked. BD, however, will not. BTW if for some ungodly reason you have not finished the series, DO NOT READ THE REST OF THIS POST!

the white dude

“Bill Condon is in negotiations to direct Breaking Dawn. Over the last month, the studio met with a high-caliber group of directors that also included Gus Van Sant, Mark Waters (Mean Girls) and Sofia Coppola, who dropped out after revealing that she only wanted to direct one of the two films.

Bill Condon will spend the next year in Vancouver shooting Breaking Dawn… In terms of how the movies will be split, sources tell that the wedding, honeymoon, Bella’s pregnancy, and the birth will all be told in the first movie, while part two will focus on Bella’s transformation into a vampire and Jacob’s relationship with Renesmee Cullen.”

[via Entertainment Weekly]