All the single ladies

11 02 2010

get your very own edward “protection doll” (a.k.a. new stuffed animal for you to dryhump).

fancy grey peacoatâ„¢

only at etsy.

Jackson Rathbone is the New Boy Toy

10 02 2010

I have this same outfit.. snOMG!!

Can you imagine being so tight that you had your own action figure? Well, that must make JBone double tight since he’s got TWO now! His Last Airbender action figure of his character Sokka hits shelves June 1.

Add it to your growing mantel collection featuring all of the Twilight and New Moon dolls, including Jasper, available at Amazon. You know you have one. I’d bet my left titty that 90% of the people reading this blog have some dirty secret collection of Twi stuff that fondle lovingly every now and again. ADMIT IT.

the NM jasper doll

[via TwilightMOMS]

Moontan Ken

23 07 2009

While in a bookstore last night, I spied the newest Edward doll by Tonner and that got me thinking about what other dolls are out there. Unleash the Barbie and Ken of ultimate luv.
finally, real people are finally hotter than barbies
The Bella and Edward Barbies are slated for release this October. Just in time to have them handy to press the remote control buttons while you play Twilight Scene It?

[via The Examiner]