new twi twitter- DEMETRI

5 07 2009

aka Charlie Bewley, the cutie that plays this devilish Volturi member..

Look, we Sig O’s pride ourselves on finding the true Twi stars’ Twitters and stalking the shit out of them. Cause nobody wants to stalk a roleplayer. (this may or may not have happenned to me in the past and I am extremely bitter and upset..yes @kristenstewart9 I AM TALKING TO YOU WHORE)

So eh hem, anyways Follow Charlie Bewley on TWITTER! aka @alchemission aka Demetri of the Volturi…so evil so tiiight.


oh hello demetri

oh hello demetri

Charlie is adorable. And this is what he says about his character Demetri:

“He has unparalleled tracking abilities together with insane strength, speed and classiness; lives in Tuscany, underground; hangs out with the beautiful Heidi who brings him food all the time; he has red irises and glitters in the sunlight… It’s hard, therefore, to see what’s not to like about playing this legend.

The commonalities we share mean this is a character I can seriously get my teeth into: He’s a tracker, I’m a rave-runner; he’s a diplomat, I’m a spiritualist; he’s cool and stylish, I’m…. we have a lot in common.

What I love about Demetri is that he is utterly charming in juxtaposition to big bad Felix, yet “no less lethal”… clearly this guy takes no prisoners. Well, he does… before tearing them limb from limb.”

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