Screw the Olympics

28 01 2010

It’s the best thing going on ice, ever!

thank god she never eats

psyche, it’s fake, but i worked on it for a marketing project and had to share.

p.s., i got an A.

More Wolfpack B-Boy Conspiracy

25 09 2009

how is this their GO-TO pose??!! mine is left-side facing, forehead tilted down, eyebrow slightly up. their’s is so much more acrobatic.

this is what wolves call blue steel

this is what wolves call blue steel

Add it to the growing gallery. Forks’ Best Dance Crew – Wolfywockeez? WolfyBots?

boo boo stewart aka seth clearwater alex meraz aka paul the wolf who needs no introduction

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24 09 2009

Kiowa gives good face as he, Christian Serratos and Chaske Spencer rule the dance circle at the TwiTour in Arizona.

Let me see what you’re twerkin’ wit.

[via True Twilight]