Kristen Stewart and DFan do “Cherry Bomb”

5 03 2010

Keep puttin’ that pussy to the wood, girl.

New “Runaways” Posters!!!!!

8 02 2010

So effing tight. Sorry for the poor quality I am just so excited. Damn skippy.

DakotaStew are taking over

black & white DakotaStew

new favorite!

young sexy and loud. cantwait


DakotaStew is the new Robsten, holler

25 01 2010

seriously, that’s what they’re being referred to these days, DakotaStew. I personally love it. These two could take over the world. I’m talking

behold: DakotaStew

shit's cute. f'real

if this picture doesnt make you squeeeeee, something is wrong with you. you should get that cheked out.

DakotaStew with their movie counterparts Joan Jett and Cherie Curie.

DakotaStew! DakotaStew! DakotaStew!

Real talk though, Kristen Stewart is taking Sundance by storm. Auwugh