Justin Chon – Too Cute for Words

20 10 2009

in chinatown no less. i just want to put him in my pocket.

yes, justin. udambomb.

yes, justin. udambomb.

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Justin Chon at the Pusan Film Festival

15 10 2009

He cleans up real nice! Here is Lil Yorkie, Justin Chon, at the Pusan International Film Festival on his home turf of South Korea with Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. JK, I don’t know who his friends are, but they are all just 2 cute.

asian invasion

asian invasion

He tweeted:

” why did the pusan film festival invite me if they make it seem like i wasnt even there.only photo i scrounged.post it everywhere!!’ POST IT EVERYWHERE!!!! I WANT TO STICK IT TO THEM FOR BEING MEAN!!!”

repost! retweet! do it for Justin.

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