jasper + alice love

27 07 2009

I seriously couldn’t help but snagging these off of I Felt Hope.net – a Jackson & Ashley/Jasper & Alice fansite. 




Just because, when shit is cute, SHIT IS CUTE. That is all.


Alice + Bella Reunion

21 07 2009

Another New Moon promotional still! And I think we all know what scene this is.

mega STOked bitches


Alice looks adory!

Alice looks adory!

Alice and Vince?!

17 06 2009

New Fav Couple Alert. The buzz is that Ashley Greene and Adrian Grenier spent the weekend surfing and dancing and canoodling at Oakley’s “Learn to Ride” surf weekend in Santa Barbara.

Adrian + Ashley = i can't stand this hotness

Ashley Grenier??

BTW i love how pale she is. I know she had to be for the filming of New Moon and the upcoming Eclipse, but it’s so beautiful.

They are beautiful together, and If they get married her last name will just be the fancy version of Greene. Sooo twi-ight. (twight? is that a new twi term i just coined?)

Twi Dolls (not figurines)

17 06 2009

I don’t usually like dolls but these BJD’s [Ball Jointed Doll’s (had no idea that’s what they’re called)] are too cute to resist. I found them this morning while I was googling twilight costumes. This chick made the Bella, Alice and Rosalie dolls and they are pretty freakin’ accurate, and it even looks like they are chillin’ in Forks!

we be chillin' up in Forks!

we be chillin' up in Forks!

Hi, i'm bitchy and complicated.

Hi, i'm bitchy and complicated.

idk my bff Bella.

idk my bff Bella.

Ash Greene Won’t Bite

10 06 2009

Real Talk: I am more of a Missbehave Mag girl myself, but if Nylon continues to feature twi stars, then I will happily switcheroo. No shame in my Twi Game.

she can bite me pfffft

she can bite me pfffft

Some Twi Tidbits here:

On Alice Cullen:  “The Happiest, Perkiest, Cutest girl you’d never expect.”

On the Twilight cast:  “We get along really well,” she says of her co-stars, who are all confirmed through at least a third movie. “And thank God! Can you imagine going back over and over if we didn’t?” 

On Rob Pattinson’s fame: “Oh God.  Poor Rob is already a Beatle. His whole life is documented. If he picks his nose, it’s all over the Internet. He’s just done for. I think he’s kinda freakin’ out, like, ‘What the fuck is going on?'”

read more snippets of the inteview here: NYLONMAG.