how to rush

want to become a sigO pledge? why, you must be STOked!


Stay tuned… we’ll let you know when it is gonna open back up.

What’s in it for me, you ask? Here are the preliminary bennies as we launch this muther. as our posse grows, we’ll start to have more opportunities for you to get involved. stay tuned for more!

Benefits to Joining:

  • Get linked – drive traffic to your site (if you have one)
  • Get listed – your beautiful face on the sigO page
  • Get patriotic – your state flag on the Chapters page
  • Get famous – welcome post including pic of you
  • Get covered in feathers – jk jk

sigO Prerequisites:

  • Must have read all Saga books
  • Must have seen the movie
  • No age limit
  • No place limit
  • No boys allowed – Only gals and gays

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter – @SigmaTwiOmega – to show your love!

50 responses

14 05 2009
Fleur Perkins

I am all ready to pledge girlie girls :))

22 05 2009

me me me me

3 06 2009

wtf?! i wanna rush! lemme in!!

3 06 2009

I wanna be in like flynn (pleaeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ) i don’t know who i love more you ladies or Twilight…. okay okay deff. Twilight… but you ladie are deff 2nd.
btw my fav ” your hair looks like a haystack, I like it” in my head…he was totally naked when he said that. :0P

3 06 2009

the pledge quiz and rules are about to go up ladies!!!

4 06 2009

Oh I am SO in.

{{{i hope}}}

4 06 2009

i so hope i made it 🙂

4 06 2009

Woot Woot! so in Woot Woot! Sweet Sigma Twi Omega I am in!!!

5 06 2009

when will we know if we made it?! :]

5 06 2009

by Monday.

8 06 2009

ok not monday, I am sorry girls. but THIS WEEK, we just had a lot of entries!!

11 06 2009

so i finished new moon in 2 days. i bought eclipse tonight. watchout bitties, i’m coming for RUSH.

18 06 2009

Hey girlies,

I took the quiz yesterday and I’m pretty positive I got everything correct. Is there a certain time when you will be adding newcomers? I’m very excited. 😀

Peace, love, and Twilight!

19 06 2009

hey susie! sorry for the delay. we are gonna close out rush tomorrow in order to get all caught up. i’ll hit you back on email soon!


19 06 2009

nooo! i need one more week! i’m almost done w/ eclipse… when will you open it back up?

26 06 2009
Christina Jones

I wanna RUSH too! I am on Twitter at and I’ve been following SigmaTwiOmega on there for a couple of weeks. Today was the 1st time I finally checked out this site. I wish I had known about it way before. If I did, I would have joined. Well, please let me know on Twitter or by email if you start back up again. This totally sounds like fun. -Christina

26 06 2009
Renee AKA MissImagineThat

dude i lost part of my saga. twilight went missing during last week of school. it’s driving me crazy!

26 06 2009
Christina Jones

Oh and BTW, I’ve read all 4 books once, and going to read them a 2nd time soon (As soon as I finish the Sookie Stackhouse novels.). Seen the Twilight movie like 50+ times. Too bad I never kept count lol. Of course I own the DVD, the 3 disc deluxe edition, lol. I’m a huge Rob Pattinson Fan! -Christina

29 06 2009

i’m ready.

29 06 2009

p.s. i just wanted to say that friday night, well i was at a korean karaoke joint and i did muse’s “super massive black hole” in honor of sigma twi!

29 06 2009

ahahaha. awesome

2 07 2009
Dana Larson

I would love to pledge!!!!!

3 07 2009

Can I pledge? I’m from Indonesia.

16 07 2009

Hey Ladies!
Ok so rush is closed, butttttttt i was woundering wether there would be an exception for a very dedicated twihard fan whos from England! All in the spirit of RoBear being from england himself! 😀 There’s not many twilighters where i live, and it drives me insane!

20 07 2009
Mindi Walker

I am already to Pledge. Can’t wait for more information to come.
Hope everyone has a great week.


11 08 2009

uhhhh this might be the best website i have ever stumbled across.

no seriously… i finally feel ok to be 23 and love twilight lol

7 09 2009

twi delight . Im ready . Open pledges up sig o’s

14 09 2009
Jillian Mary

i vote you open pledging up, because i am soooo in. >_<

27 09 2009
DCMA Queen

Open pledging, I so want in.

15 10 2009

Man, wanna pledge so bad

23 10 2009

this sucks.. i wanna pledge.

10 11 2009

JJ open it allready , come on she says and then lays down and sighs .

26 11 2009

So when will rush be open?

1 12 2009

when’s it happening next? need the union jack on the page 🙂

4 12 2009
4 12 2009

it’s closed? FML.

4 12 2009

no its open, see where it says that in green? green means go. when its closed, its in red. haha

4 12 2009

My co-worker just tried, she loves Twilight, we chat all day back and forth over e-mail about it. Anywho, she clicked on Take the Quiz link and the page it takes you to says its closed?

4 12 2009

it’s fixed now! sowwy 🙂

4 12 2009

OMG are you already done taking pledges! It says the quiz is closed! did i miss it!

4 12 2009

Aw. I missed it. =(

Damn. I’m gonna cry.

4 12 2009

no it’s open!

4 12 2009

yay! i did it!
whoop whoop!!

5 12 2009

Yaaaay! I did it…. IM PUMPED!

8 12 2009

Welcome Newbies! This place is amazing. I know you are going to love it!

13 12 2009

hahaha i love you guys. i don’t feel like such a sad, loser to be in mid to late twenties and obsessed with twilight. this shit has taken a year of my life away hahaha. my 2 and half year old son has seen the movie twilight about 40 kajillion times. and he loves it. <—–bad mother hahhaha happy to be a part of the club ladies.

6 02 2010

hey im looking to join in the fun too

6 10 2010

This is so cool… let me know when the next rush is

30 11 2010

I would love to rush too 🙂

2 12 2010

I want to rush! Are you still allowing participation?

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