Jackson Rathbone is a seriously good guy

31 12 2009

Jackson Rathbone and his band 100 Monkeys lost good a friend named Spencer Bell suddenly to Adrenal Cancer in 2006. Spencer was very close with the band and also a musician himself. The 100 monkeys created a memorial to their lost friend on the band website through the Spencer Bell Legacy Project.

Now, in a collaborative effort to raise awareness for Adrenal Cancer, 100 Monkeys along with The Stevedores, Tin Tin Can, and Drew and the Medicinal Pen, will travel to Texas in April (no official date set) for the Spencer Bell Legacy concert. 100 Monkeys will also be playing a tribute to Spencer by performing a few of the songs he wrote.

100 Monkeys. Um, if you haven't listened to their music yet you really should. It's damn good.

The Stevedores -lounge/psychedelic

Tin Tin Can - really fucking good. seriously. garage rock/psychedelic

Drew and the Medicinal Pen - acoustic pop folk

FYI a side note: Nothing makes me happier than humbled people.

Forks Reality Show?

31 12 2009

According io9.com Reality TV producers are now trying to milk the Twilight gravy train along with everyone else on the planet, by creating a reality television show based on  the town our beloved Vampires reside, Forks, Washington.

Twilight’s hometown, Forks, Washington, is getting its own reality TV series, because we can’t stop until the last drop of merchandising blood has been suckled from Stephenie Meyer’s heaving money maker. Let’s hope it includes the Twilight Themed Hotel.

Reality TV producers are planning a new series based on Forks, Washington, the town that Meyer set her Twilight saga in. Right now, the crew is seeking out a cast based on everyday people that live in Forks. So nothing to do with Twilight at all, unless you overlook the fact that the half the town has converted to Twilight tourism…

And no this isn’t the documentary called Twilight In Forks, this is an entirely different reality-based show about Forks. But still, the crew insists that the project will focus on the riveting lives of the ordinary people in Forks, not those who think they are vampires, or werewolves — because who wants to see that, besides the 100 people a day who clamor into Forks looking to get a piece of Edward?

Me? a reality star? no way!

Anna K’s Entertainment Weekly Cover

31 12 2009

Do we have a possible Oscar nom for our girl Anna Kendrick as well? That would be so sick. It would be even sickkker if she won. **crosses fingers**

This week Anna shares the EW cover with the lovely Vera Farmiga, and the one and only George Clooney. Hopefully our beloved Edward will age as well as GC, oh wait…what am i saying Edward…age. haha silly me.

Lucky...i mean talented girls.

Edward and Bella – Eclipse Meadow Pic

23 12 2009

Summit released this still from Eclipse of Edward and Bella kickin’ it in the meadow a while ago.

Dear Summit:

You are such a tease. You really know how to work your Twi-magic. Pls send more stills.Thank you.

His best angle for sure.

This picture is very reminiscent of Robear’s days as a Jaw PornStar.
Fo real, look at the profound valley of darkness beneath his effervescent jaw line. YUM.

BTW’s: I know this still is old as shit, i just needed some Edward/Bella Meadow action in my life.


16 12 2009

We all know everyone who is anyone is trying to ride the twi-saga gravy train for some ca$h money.
Stephanie Meyer did us all a favor by capturing our hearts and minds with the Twilight Saga. What she didn’t realize she was doing was capturing the most sought after demographic in the world, women from 14 – 44. These women are the buyers. We will spend money on frivolous things. We spend money because the story we read opened up our hearts and made our blood run again and with every Twilight inspired purchase brings us closer to that feeling.

ok ok so i may just be feeding you all this b.s. so i can justify my reasoning for purchasing this…

It's rains a lot in Forks. duh


What twiBuys (twilight inspired purchases) have you spent your hard earned $$$ on?

Anna Kendrick on Jay Leno

15 12 2009

It’s obvi Anna Kendrick’s time to shine with her little ‘ol Golden Globe nomination announcement and all.
She was on Jay Leno last night being super down to earth and adorable while promotingUp In the Air which btws is killing the Golden Globe nominations this year with a total of 6.

If you couldn’t tell…I really like her.

Someone is Killing Life…Anna Kendrick that is.

15 12 2009

Our little Jessica Stanley is up for a Golden ‘effing’ Globe for Best Supporting Actress for the movie Up In the Air with George Clooney.

that statue....it's mines!

So proud of you girl! I have a feeling you have a long career ahead.

Read this article about Anna Kendrick’s past and present accolades as an actress. She’s definitely got talent.

Eclipse in IMAX

10 12 2009

Summit has confirmed that they will distribute Eclipse to IMAX theaters for the June 30th opening.

the bigger the better

I have this gut feeling Summit is doing this to make some extra CA$H so they can justify making two movies out of Breaking Dawn. *crosses fingers*

New Moon – as told by LolCats

3 12 2009

dis cat kinda luks like kstew.

I couldn’t post the entire thing on the blog cause it’s long. So go HERE to see the story unfold.

All i have to say is OMG, Hilar!

‘Last Day of Summer’ Trailer

2 12 2009

Nikki Reed’s new movie “Last Day of Summer” with DJ Qualls.

No official release date yet. Just says 2010.