Eclipse stills…

28 04 2010

Getting STOked…

oh dayum

Riley leading the Newborn Army

June is soooo right around the corner kids.




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28 04 2010

First off, the lake scene with the newbies looks scary as shit (yes I am a whimp and will probably be covering my eyes and ears at this point in the movie). HOWEVER, correct me if I’m wrong, but when in the book do Ryleigh and Victoria get both their hands around Edward ready to rip his neck off. For some reason this does not ring a bell.

28 04 2010

I’m so ready for this movie! and I agree with you. I don’t remember them both but I guess I’m just gonna have to reread the book right before to find out. cause that will bug me lol

28 04 2010

Yeah I’ll probably reread as well. I swear it is pretty much Seth vs. Ryleigh and Edward vs. Victoria pretty much the entire time, except for the one part with Seth is supposively “hurt” and Bella stabs herself with the rock. I bet this is how that part of the scene will play out. This will be where Bella stabs herself and draws Ryleighs attention away from Edward and distracts BryceHo for that split second that Edward needs to escape.

28 04 2010

TwiLex – you would be absolutely right. I’ve been seriously disappointed in the movies so far because they have strayed way too far even for my taste from the plot/character actions/whatever in the book. Seriously think there are a couple of categories of Twitard – book, movie, and those who appreciate both but recognize they’re not really the same thing.

Yes, I am a book purist. And no, I rarely like movies based on books for similar reasons.

6 05 2010

Hey KellyO, I totally feel you and agree. I enjoy movies based on books because it puts a face to everything, but I definitely believe the books are always better. Whoever made the HP movies killed them, they strayed so far from the books that they piss me off whenever I watch the movies. However, I will say that in part I have been pleasantly please with the Saga movies, New Moon I feel sticks more to the book then Twilight, but then again, it took me rereading the book so many times to realize how different the movie was from the book. Here’s to hoping Eclipse doesn’t stray too much.

I will say this, some people love the movies like these two 40-something-year-old women my parents ran in to while waiting in line to get Alex Meraz’s autograph (seriously, I’m the Twilight fan here and they are the one’s in the right place at the right time, so not far; however, they were standing in line to get an autograph for me so I can’t fully complain). These two women have seen the movies 37 times, now I don’t know if its each movie 37 times or combined, but 37 times in the THEATER. That equates to around $300-400 assuming they are not seeing a matnee. INSANE if you ask me.

28 04 2010

I love the first pic. “Why isn’t this coming off?”

29 04 2010

i’m feeling riley
lol @ edward in the headlock

29 04 2010

Her head that is around Rob is like…. scary deformed. Or am I the only person that noticed that?

29 04 2010

sorry, I meant hand that is around Rob.

30 04 2010

Ewwww it is. That’s because she is BryceHo, super skinny, instead of the athletically built and perfect Victoria Rachelle.

2 05 2010

It’s like a foot-hand. Except that’d be one veiny foot…

7 05 2010

I like Bryce, I feel bad she’s getting slammed for smthg that’s not her fault. Don’t hate congradulate

12 05 2010

Not her fault … I’m sorry but she dissed the Saga many moons ago when they originally offered the role of Victoria to her to play Twilight through Eclipse. She said no because the role was too small … TOO SMALL, tisk tisk on her not knowing bettter. Maybe if she had done her homework she would have known the impact Victoria has in NM and Eclipse. Of course now when we see a little more of Victoria, she says yes. So I won’t congratulate as Rachelle did a STELLAR job and DID NOT deserve the boot.

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