Just in time for Easter

2 04 2010

Behold chocolate Rob.
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Looks more like Beethoven, but who cares: you can win it.



8 responses

3 04 2010
DCMA Queen

That’s not Rob. That’s Sherlock Holmes! WRONG MOVIE SWEETHEART. Tho… now I want chocolate.

4 04 2010

Haha, good thing I have been eating chocolate for the past two days … Note to anyone chocolate and Oreo lover out there, take an entire thing of Oreo’s and food processor them down to nothing, then take that and mix it with an 8 oz. container of softened cream cheese. Now roll into one inch balls and put in fridge to let stiffen up. Then melt a bag of white chocolate morsels, you’ll probably end up needing two, but do one at a time. Then dip then Oreo balls in the chocolate and let stand to harden, and you’ll have awesomeness. I cannot eat just once, hence causing a constant fulliness and sugar overload. Now back to comment … I agree with you apple and DCMA Queen, that looks NOTHING like Rob. It is about as made as Madame What’s Her Face attempt at making him out of wax.

5 04 2010

NOT ROB. At all. It’s like some weird version of a dude with really big hair and a wicked bad eye twitch who WANTS to be Rob. You know. I would win it, just so I could like… throw it off a bridge.
Seriously, she could have tried a little harder, couldn’t she? It doesn’t look anything like him…

5 04 2010

LMAO … instead of throwing it off a bridge Kacy you should throw a Quileute beach style bonfire and melt the sucker.

5 04 2010


5 04 2010

Yes, but could you find a graham cracker and marshmallow big enough? Of course you could chivel the sucker down to smaller pieces. Haha, it would be more like a fondue, you could place the wanna be Edward head of chocolate in a pot over the fire and then once melted, dip whatever your heart desires inside.

5 04 2010

Are you kidding me? I’d still so eat it. It’s chocolate. But I wouldn’t show it off to my friends saying, “look it’s Rob!”

5 04 2010

I don’t know if I could bring myself to eat something that looked like Edward Cullen, then again it doesn’t, so this may be the one circumstance.

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