Rob in TimeOut London

1 04 2010

as if you could outride me!

In a “closely monitored chat (20 minutes! No questions about Kristin!)” Rob talks about Remember Me…and other more interesting stuff.

Some excerpts:
‘I see people who are in newspapers and magazines all the time. If they’re in every single week, I’m far less interested in their movies. So, yeah, I am always a little bit wary.’

On sucking face w/ Em:
“There’s a kind of kinkiness with the cut in her lip but that got cut from the movie – where I’m sucking a little bit of blood off it . I think it was a little bit too weird.”

On getting freaky in Remember Me:
“My first sex scene was in “Little Ashes” when I was about 21, and it was with a guy. And I’m supposed to have a kind of nervous breakdown in the middle of it as well.”

On his Bel Ami character:
“This guy is a complete arsehole, so arrogant and stubborn and self-righteous about everything. He remains an arsehole to the end and everyone congratulates him for it.”

Read the whole thing here.



One response

1 04 2010

I love how everyone in the background is starring at RP. It is funny how he says he shy’s away now with public speaking because I truly find him so well spoken, someone I could easily be friends with (I’m still pushing for the joint b-day party). He’s awesome, I love down-to-earth movie actors, it is such a breath of fresh air.

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