20 03 2010

Watch this sneak preview, complete with behind the scenes sneaky peeks and an interview with the New Victoria, Riley and Bree. PLUS AN ACTUAL SCENE FROM ECLIPSE!!! Oh shiiiiit.

Seriously though, this was kinda dope so you should WATCH IT. Like right now.

Your  Welcome.

[via KstewDevotee]




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21 03 2010

oh man, that look amazinggg! AAHHHHHH i cannot WAIT!

21 03 2010

OMG, Eclipse is going to be a GIANT tear jerker. I hate to say this but I actually started feeling a little torn between being Team Edward vs. Team Jacob this past weekend while watching New Moon on Saturday. Even today, when the bf pleasantly awoke me from my nap to watch it again, I still felt a pull towards Jacob. He does love Bella so much, with a heart as pure as gold, and I think K.Stew puts it best in the beginning of this video when about choosing between the love for a best friend and her true love. You hate for either boy to have his heart broken, but in the end Jacob has his love, Bella can fully give herself to Edward and I can feel at peace. On a sidenote, I’m loving Bella’s wig, I was hesitant at first, I thought I might hate it, but it looks really good. Rosalie’s hair, loving that too. As for Alice and Jasper can we please go back to their Twilight hair, it was the BEST! Super STOked for the 30th of June.

22 03 2010

totes radical

24 03 2010
DCMA Queen

haha dude, my mom just squealed over this video that I’ve watched three times. haha we were first in line at New Moon, and will be here too.

25 03 2010

Your mom is awesome. My co-workers, friends and I are already debating what time we want to go on the 30th. As much as I want to be there for the midnight showing, I prefer to stay away from the screaming kids.

26 03 2010
DCMA Queen

Yeah, that’s why I went one minute after NOON on the 20th for New Moon. No screamy teenies. =)

24 03 2010

gahhhhhhhhh Eclipse is gonna be insane! all that love! though their fight practice makes me feel like exercising right now lol

25 03 2010

Haha, I seriously felt the same way and just started running again this week as a result.

26 03 2010
DCMA Queen

Not me. =) I’m sticking to my nice relaxing yoga. ::meditate-and-stay-caaaaalm:: (Prevents werewolves.)

31 03 2010

Was… was Taylor wearing a snuggie? His cool factor just dropped by about 10 points for me.
Other than that, HOLY FREAKIN CRAP!
I must admit I am not a fan of Jasper’s new hair, but I suppose I can look past that if it is as amazing as it looks like it will be 😀

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