11 03 2010

its comiiiinngggg!!!




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11 03 2010

OMG OMG OMG OMG … first alliecupcake you are amazing, you are a doll, THANK YOU! because of course I was thinking oh great, another 10 second trailer, I want the full one and you TOTALLY DELIVERED. It looks AMAZING! And I can’t believe I am saying this but BryceHo actually looks like Rachelle, and in that short clip of her face, I really couldn’t tell the difference. Seriously, June 30th needs to get here now. I will be taking off work that day. Faint! Trying to hold back the squealing as I sit here at work. Just sent out texts to friends to come to STO to watch.

11 03 2010

yeaaaaaah can’t wait!

11 03 2010

OMG!!!! just a little bit exciting huh??? Ignoring the wig and the scarily-close-but-not-quite BryceHo I’m probably going to watch this over 100 times today just to get my fix!! Thanks heaps!!! x

14 03 2010

As I just can’t get enough of the trailer, I thought I’d watch it again. It seems like everyone I know, if not themselves has co-workers or friends who just can’t get enough either. SWOON! Compared to Rosalie’s wig, which I’m sorry but I thought was horrible in NM, Bella’s is looking pretty damn good. Yes I was worried that it wouldn’t look so great, but I think it lays nicely on her head. Okay, back to homework as I shouldn’t put it off any longer.

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