Victoria had the best scene in New Moon

3 03 2010

Thom Yorke’s Hearing Damage didnt hurt things either. shazam.



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3 03 2010

17 MORE DAYS! Rachelle =’s Victoria FOREVER, sorry BryceHo but you die in Eclipse, Rachelle never does. 🙂 SHABAM … on a sidenote, now I have pin straight hair and never wear a lot of product in it, so it could just be from lack of knowledge, but I feel like Rachelle’s hair isn’t flowing as it should for someone who is running in the one scene where she appears to be looking down as she runs.

3 03 2010

I stayed in a Dupont Circle hotel this weekend, and they had New Moon on PPV. I paid $17 for it, and it was worth every penny!

3 03 2010

That was one of the best scenes in movies last year.

4 03 2010


4 03 2010

I absolutely LOVE Thome Yorke’s Hearing Damage and that amazing chase scene…your correct Rachelle takes the Cake for best scene

5 03 2010
John G

she worked it

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