Secret Lovers: Orlando Bloom and KStew?

8 02 2010


I mean this IS a hot pairing, if it’s true. But Orlando has his hot Victoria Secret supermodel, Miranda Kerr, and Kristen is supposed to be madly in love with RPattz. Fingers crossed this is a rumor, and if it’s not, well then GET IT GIRL.

A source says that Orlando was “shamelessly” flirting with surly Stewart at the Sundance Film Festival where she “was touching his chest.”

The source also says that “their chemistry was explosive” and that “things got intense” just before the pair of them left to hook up in Kristen’s rented condo.

kinda cute, but she belongs with Robear

[via WhyFame]



2 responses

8 02 2010

i dont think she would be that forward tbh! I cant quite imagine it but hey, she can do no wrong!

12 02 2010

Hmmm….see…I’ve never been a fan of Orlando Bloom. I don’t think he’s good looking and I don’t think he’s a particularly talented actor. Two thumbs down, KStew.

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