Ordered My New Moon Blu-Ray!

17 01 2010

ordered. come to mamma.

March 20 cannot come soon enough. I can’t wait for in-home double feature nights. Order during pre-sale for discounted price – $22 for the dvd and $24 for the blu-ray jawnt.

Clicky clicky to buy from amazon.com



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18 01 2010

Oooh! That’s a great price, esp for blu-ray!

Question is – do I buy blu-ray for home screenings on the 64″ AND dvd for work/bedroom screenings?

Or is that totes overboard? LOL

18 01 2010

there is no such thing as overboard.

18 01 2010

gotta order mine on amazon asap! this doesn’t come out on dvd in little ol’ New Zealand until 30 April – wtf???

18 01 2010

omg that sucks, I thought I had it bad 2 more days later! 😦

18 01 2010

Ive got to wait 2 more days damn the UK!
Im soooooo excited though! deleted scenes eeep!

18 01 2010

yeah thank god for globalisation haha, can order it from the us and it only takes like 4 or 5 days to get here! sooo excited for deleated scenes! and I love watching the ‘how we made this’ bits with the director and cast comments!

19 01 2010
Mandy L.

Hello~! I enjoyed reading about your twilight new moon reviews post!~ please do come visit me sometime as well~!

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