Queen Latifah spoofs New Moon at PCAS

7 01 2010

Check it. It brings the LOLZ.



5 responses

7 01 2010

Awesome, thanks for posting Allie. My mom called me earlier today at work to ask if I watched the PCA’s last night and that that guy from Twilight won, not the main character one in New Moon (how little she knows) but the other one. While I’m always happy when the Saga wins an award in any shape or form, I had to remind her that I’m Team Edward and would be more excited if RP won. She then told me I had to YouTube the skit Queen L. did poking fun at RP. That was one of the better spoofs I’ve seen. I guess I should call my mom to let her know I watched it.

8 01 2010

I was watching it this morning and I was cracking up. My husband had to come see what was going on. When he realized it was TWI related he rolled his eyes and walked out of the room. haha

8 01 2010

Oh John, basically he possesses the same response as Paul, although Paul usually throws something in along the lines, “oh gosh, are you doing something Twilight related?”

8 01 2010

Yeah, that sounds about right!! haha

10 01 2010
John G

How can she just switch teams like that?

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