Robsten NYE: Hoodies and a Kiss?

5 01 2010

How oss is that? Kstew and Robear spent New Year’s together, on the lovely Isle of Wight in the U.K. Who knows if they smooched, but they did stop and sweet mug with this super lucky little girl.

Just a Moet run.

New Year beard.

[via Ventnor Blog]




4 responses

5 01 2010

Hear the interview on Isle Wight Radio at robcandee blogspot!

5 01 2010

I still think those are from last year during promotion tour or watevs. Isn’t it? Kristen looks different,not like her this year.

5 01 2010

Kristen does look a little different, but can’t tell if it’s form the promotion tour or not. Still, she looks lovely.

And I love that little girls’ smile, haha!

5 01 2010

no its totally this year! and ive been there loads of time on holiday-so cute you cant imagine ANY paps there-great idea šŸ™‚
oh and btw its part of the UK but a tiny island off it near portsmouth, only takes half an hour to drive from one end to the other šŸ™‚
so they didnt go there on their promotional tour just stayed on the main land.
…I think :/

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