30 12 2009


Oh man I’m good. Taylor has been cast to appear in the upcoming movie “Cancun,” where he’ll flex his karate skills and no doubt be lookin’ fine.

“The film, produced by “New Moon” studio Summit Entertainment in conjunction with Lautner’s production company, Tailor Made, is being described as “Taken” meets “Die Hard,” Variety reports. Tailor Made was formed by the actor and his dad, Dan Lautner, with Temple Hill partners Wyck Godfrey and Marty Bowen.”

OK I haven’t heard of this Tailor Made venture before, but if it means regular TayLaut productions? WOOHOO.

“Cancun” premise: after an injury sidelines a teen’s plans to be an elite soldier, he tries to get on with his life by heading to college. There, he meets a girl who convinces him to join her friends on a spring break trip to Cancun. When his traveling partners are kidnapped and ransomed for the freedom of a drug cartel leader about to be extradited, the college student uses his warrior skills to rescue them.

Wonder who the girl will be?

Production starts in June.

[via MTV and Variety]



One response

31 12 2009

whoa im loving it! co-eds, kidnapping, shirtless tay no doubt

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