KStew Throwback Jamz

27 12 2009

Just because god damn it. 

The hot blonde Stew doing press at the Toronto Film Fest for Into The Wild (when we first met and fell in love), with my boyfriend Emile Hirsch. 

It’s just all too presh.

tell us how the role made you feeeeeel


lip bite




this makes me want to be blonde


seriously Kristen, stop it.


Real talk: If you guys haven’t seen Into The Wild YET then:

a.) lamestown, pop. YOU

b.) get on that! It is a killer film, and Kristen owns it.




3 responses

27 12 2009

Holler, it’s been on Starz or HBO or one of those channels the past couple of days and I keep on catching glimpses of it. Sad to say though, I have yet to see the entire movie. But I must say that I do prefer K.Stew more as a brunette, not because I am one and might be somewhat bias, but she totally rocks it with that skin color of hers.

28 12 2009

I’m loving the blonde stew!! But I love people who can pull off both the blonde and brunette (- jealous blonde here…)! Also loving the length – she’ll be able to mess it up that sexy way only KStew knows how!

31 12 2009

i heart emile hirsch a lot! actually when i first read twilight i imagined him as edward rather than rob before i saw the movie. Now of course i think rob was the perfect pick for the role.

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