Happy Hollerdayz

26 12 2009

Hope everyone is having a most glorious Christmas break. My brother in law got me a Rob Pattinson calendar for Xmas like I’m 16 (secretly stoked) and JJ got another Team Edward shirt. God we are like children. It’s so rad! Happy Christmas!!!

Merry Rob&Krismas (no does that not work?)




4 responses

26 12 2009

Sounds like a great Christmas to me! I’m a married 27 year old, and I got both the New Moon board game and Twilight Scene It! Haha! (I laugh, but they were definitely my FAVE presents.)

27 12 2009

Oh that is awesome. “Santa” bought me the original movie companion to New Moon and the Sweetheart candy boxes with Edward and Bella on them. LOL.

27 12 2009

ok ok I MAY have gotten a box of New Moon chocolates too

27 12 2009

Sweet! My co-worker actually gave me a box of the Sweethearts a while back and they weren’t that good, so I think this box I’ll keep shut just so I can stare at EC’s intact face whenever I damn well please. Those chocolates do look good though. I wonder what they got one another for the holiday.

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