Edward and Bella – Eclipse Meadow Pic

23 12 2009

Summit released this still from Eclipse of Edward and Bella kickin’ it in the meadow a while ago.

Dear Summit:

You are such a tease. You really know how to work your Twi-magic. Pls send more stills.Thank you.

His best angle for sure.

This picture is very reminiscent of Robear’s days as a Jaw PornStar.
Fo real, look at the profound valley of darkness beneath his effervescent jaw line. YUM.

BTW’s: I know this still is old as shit, i just needed some Edward/Bella Meadow action in my life.



4 responses

23 12 2009

His jaw is beeooootiful, kristen proper caresses it when she’s kissing him in new moon haha!
but I saw this still in like september when it was in a magazine so this is dissapointing summit! WE NEED A TRAILER!

24 12 2009

We seriously do, but then it’s NM anxiousness all over again … 6 months and 6 days just seems so far away.

25 12 2009

I read the other day that David Slade doesnt even know when a trailer’s coming out so it doesnt look good 😦

6 03 2010
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