Jamie Campbell Bower is Still Canoodling with the Potter Girl

18 12 2009

Ok, ok, they are clearly hanging out. We all know they are friends. We all know they are co-workers in the Potter franchise. But is there more to this than we originally thought? Here is Jamie with Bonnie Wright aka Ron Weasley’s sister at a friend’s holiday party the other night…


the body language is telling me it's a NO GO for JamBo.

I searched hi and low to the ends of Google trying to find a recent snap of JamBo and his alleged gf Zoe Graham, but the most recent I could find was that trip they took to Rome back in October. Are they dunzo?

You be the judge. One thing is for certain. JamBo digs the gingers.

[via Twifans]



4 responses

18 12 2009

I know from a good source, jamie hangs out in the pub i go to in London, that he has def broken up with Zoe! For sure!

29 12 2009

THIS PICTURES ARE PRIVATES!!!! A lack of respect.

30 12 2009

take it up with the people who released them to the ‘nets, then. http://www.twifans.com/profiles/blogs/jamie-campbell-bower-and

29 12 2009

i thought zoe was pregnant and jamie says on “new moon premiere” that he’s married….

jamie smokes…i don’t like him for bonnie…

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