1 reason the NY Post sucks

18 12 2009

more O.G. than most

It touts that the Vampire Diaries is better than Twilight.

Ridiculous surmising coupled with weak reasons, which I will argue against all Aristotle-like:

1.) Believe it or not, The Vampire Diaries came first.
And? What about Anne Rice? Ever heard of Dracula? BTW vampires are thousands of years old.

2.) The Vampire Diaries is bloody, gory and full of killing.
Yeah, which is why girls love Twilight. Love>blood and guts. Anyway, there IS gore, so nasty in fact that it pretty much scarred me for life. Guess this journalist hasn’t read Breaking Dawn.

3.) These sexy vampires actually have sex!
You are fucking clueless. See our header: “Why am I covered in feathers.” Class-A boning.

4.) Elena is an independent young woman.
So is Bella. She flew from Phoenix all by herself, and she does all the chores around the house. What kind of insecure sheep would push a read beater pick-up, btw? Your average barbie would just bro down with the lame girls in Forks, while Bella likes Angela best. Just because Edward protects the shit out of her a lot doesn’t mean Bella can’t hold her own. No pussy would have went head-to-head with James in a ballet studio!

5.) Had it with the Twi-hype? The Vampire Diaries is the underdog.
Talk about commie propaganda masquerading as journalism! I bet your kid is on one of those sports teams that doesn’t keep score. Everyone loves Twilight ’cause it’s beast. You’re saying we should like Vamp Diaries more because it’s not as popular so its feelings aren’t hurt? Whateva. This isn’t NPR. We’ll take the whole Twi massive out for happy meals and the Vamp Diaries crew can watch from the parking lot! We’re onto your subliminal ways, N.Y. Post. Take that garbage to St. Elsewhere, I’ll stick to O Magazine.

P.S.: Bitch, please.



5 responses

18 12 2009
Roxy Cupcakes

The Vampire Diaries bored me (& my mom) to death the very first time we tried to watch it. What a waste of time.

18 12 2009

You tell them Apple. I watch Vampire Diaries and like it, of course nothing beats the books of the Twilight Saga. But it is totally nice to read something that isn’t throwing sex, sex, skin at you 24/7, call me prude but sometimes it is just overkill.

18 12 2009

its starting in the UK in january cant wait to see it after reading this!

I have so many comebacks and arguments up my sleeve for the haters, twi sisters will defend eachother in battle!

20 12 2009

Lol. I must agree with the bold type. Not your type. Love + vampires? And not a lot of gore = fail. There is gore, you say. In one book. Bloody fucking wow. Harden up and read a horror or something. This is a teenage series, no? So realisticly, there wouldn’t be as much as a horror / thriller. Harden up.

I’ve never seen / read Twilight. And i don’t plan on it. Looks pretty shit. I’ve seen numbers of bad reviews which just give the whole thing away. Sounds like one of those predictable books / movies.

“BTW vampires are thousands of years old.” NO REALLY?!?!? OMGZ! SOMEONE FULLY SHOULDA TOLDZ MEH!. Anyone who knows anything about vampires already knows this. The fact that you said that made it like you only just found it out. lol.

From what people tell me about Twlight, this “Bella” girl is not independent at all.. So she cleans the house? and she “Flys on her own”. My sister is 12, she flew on her own. Does that make her independent? Ah, no.

22 12 2009

look up, something just flew over your head.

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