Girl Tries to Infect Robert Pattinson with Swine Flu

16 12 2009

WTF is wrong with people?? Keep your MF’ing swiiiiiiine away from our vampire!!

you shall NOT pass!!!

Robert Pattinson reportedly lashed out at a female fan after she kissed him. Sources say the girl jumped out of a stopped car and kissed the New Moon actor before admitting she had the swine flu.

“My mom wouldn’t pull the car over to let me out because I’m just getting over the swine flu…so I jumped out at the red light just to see you,” the girl allegedly told Pattinson.

Pattinson then reportedly shoved the girl away and yelled, “You have the swine flu?!…What the hell are you doing kissing anyone?”

There are no real where’s or when’s to this story, so i don’t know if it’s totally true, but for REAL. Rahspect RoBear, please!

[via TransWorldNews]



One response

16 12 2009

One word … IDIOT!

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