The New Victoria Speaks – Bryce Dallas Howard Interview

10 12 2009

The jury is still out on you, BryceHo

Will you play Victoria in “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn”?

I don’t want to give anything away, but “Victoria has a life span,” is what I’ll say. [She laughs.] That’s all I can say about that.

What advice would you have for an actor who is doing a role that was previously played by someone else? A lot of people thought you handled yourself well in the controversy over your “Eclipse” casting.

We’ll see. The jury is still out, because Rachelle [Lefevre] really created an incredible character and is exquisite. I fell like the uproar that occurred was really appropriate, because part of the joy of seeing a franchise, it’s almost like a television series. You’ve seen the actors grow with the franchise. And [Lefevre’s] unavailability [to do “Eclipse”] was really, really, really unfortunate. Advice? Gosh. Just to do your best and be über-respectful. She won that role for a reason. I hope to honor everything that she created.

ok ok ok ok wait…. WHAT?!   I had to go back and check again, just to be sure, because it’s been a while since I read Breaking Dawn … and SHO NUFF, on page 553 of Eclipse, Victoria DIES. Is this a mistake? Someone please set me straight if I’ve got it all wrong, cuz this is really pissing me off.

Stop spreading weird untrue rumors, BryceHo, and just be happy you made it into Eclipse at the expense of our beloved Rachelle. We are the ones who hope you honor everything she created.

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15 responses

10 12 2009

No, no, no… she /definitely/ dies. What is she TALKING about?!

10 12 2009
Kelly O

I wonder if she’s trying to not give away spoilers for those who’ve not read the books? I mean, that is the only reason I can think for stating it that way.

Although, seriously y’all that whole “unavailable” thing is weak as water and just sounds ridiculous coming out yet again.

10 12 2009

Agreed. I saw the tweet about this post and thought ‘wtf?!’

But when I read her actual words, I took it as she wasn’t giving away spoilers, but kind of did-by insinuating that Victoria won’t be ‘immortal’ for long.

11 12 2009

VICTORIA BETTER DIE IN ECLIPSE! Everyone knows she does, don’t try to hide the spoilers, it is nothing new. But I will be so pissed off if she doesn’t because I think I can only stomach one movie of BryceHo trying to be Victoria. And yes I mean trying because no one can play Victoria like Rachelle, Rachelle made the character what she is. Also Rachelle was not unavailable to do Eclipse, it was 10 days, how long did they film for, over three weeks? Seriously. BryceHo you need to shut your face.

11 12 2009


11 12 2009

I read it as… she has a life span as in… she dies. It also means life expectancy… like a finite time on this earth. It’s ok… she’s actually saying that Victoria is going to die.

11 12 2009

She better die in Eclipse. If they change the story line in the movies i’m going to be REALLY upset. I mean, come on, they’ve done such a good job so far… they better not mess this up!!

11 12 2009

I agree with holls, I dont think she was implying she was in breaking dawn at all, I think she just wasnt trying to ruin it for people who havent read the books. either way I still hate her. Ray Ray 4 lyfe.

11 12 2009

I think people who haven’t read the books will know well before the movie the jest of what happens. I kind of felt like that happened with New Moon … before it came out, months before, everyone already knew Edward leaves Bella, of course I can’t recall if they gave away the whole Edward returning, but still they knew. But yeah, I guess I can see her going that way and trying to be kind to the non-book readers. Still don’t like her.

12 12 2009

i LOVE Dallas, stop calling her mean names, she was fortunate enough to be chosen to lay victoria, it couldve been anyone else, rachelle should be grateful she got to be in the movies and SHE needs to stop bithing about it! complain all you want, eclipse is done, filmed, being edited, they are NOT going to put in rachelle!

12 12 2009

we also refer to kellan lutz as slutz. we love him. dont take it personal.

13 12 2009

I’ll be nice and refer to her as Dallas this one time, but wasn’t she the one who was originally offered the role to play Victoria in the very beginning and turned it down because it wasn’t a big enough role for her. If she had done her homework at all she would have known the V comes into play in three of the four movies with a huge finale at the end of the 3rd. So that’s why I hate, it sucks what happened to Rachelle and I’m still pissed that Summit would switch out an actor like that, but Dallas was a hater from the beginning and does not, in my mind, respect the Saga.

12 12 2009

Maybe she will be in breaking dawn as a flash back?! Agreed she better be dead by the end of eclipse!

13 12 2009

Yeah it makes sense to read that as if you hadn’t read the books – I imagine the trailer etc for Eclipse will be based around E/B/J triangle AND the big fight scene so why would you let the actors tell everyone the ending…? I know movie fans aren’t as awesome as book fans so it’s their fault but we wanna share the story and at one stage we didn’t know what happened either!

17 12 2009

Well, I don’t understand that whole “schedule conflict” either. Just for the simple fact in the very first movie Cam (plays James as most of you know) couldn’t be there to film due to something else he was working on; so they just recorded all his parts first, so he could go on to his next gig. So, why couldn’t they just record all of the Victoria parts last, if she was going to be 10 days late? (heck most of her actual parts are at the end anyway) They even said on the special features how weird it was they had to shoot the ending scenes with him first, before the actors were even able to do the rest of the movie, but it ended up working out.

So, yeah.. it all smells a little fishy to me. I realize they wanted her first, but since she turned it down and Rachelle did such a FABULOUS job, and already obviously has a huge following, why change it?? Also, that whole “to bring in more guys” thing.. that doesn’t wash either. If they ever went to a theatre and took a look around, just as many men there as there are women. Heck, I went and saw it again last week and there were several men in there alone watching it. No dates, no family, just sitting there by their lonesome enjoying a good flick.

Anyway, just my little two cents, or vent, or whatever. *shrug* Just confused and hoping the switch won’t change the feel of the movies too much.

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