Jackson Rathbone as a Wee Lad

8 12 2009

Baby JBone - JBitty?

Check out JBone as a widdle 8 year old in the 2nd grade at the International School of Stavanger in Norways… in 1992!

Where were you in 1992? I’m gonna *guess* not in 2nd grade. EWW. We are seriously the ill pedo.

[via Malicious Mandy’s Mind]



6 responses

8 12 2009

hahaha omg I was still in 8th grade. YOU were in high school JJ LOL FRONT STREET

8 12 2009

I was only one!
im the innocent 🙂

8 12 2009

Actually I was too. At least the spring of 1992, the fall I would have been in 3rd grade.

8 12 2009

I was 9. 😡

No pedo here. 😉 lol

9 12 2009

man i was a senior but i like em young.

9 12 2009

i was in 4th grade. i’m in the clear!

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