Bring Back Casual Edward

6 12 2009

The suit in question.

I’ve been going back and forth on why Edward’s look in New Moon was just bothering me. I think the thing that drew me to the Saga in the first place was how so very HIGH SCHOOL it is… the awkward classroom scenes in Twilight, the over-the-top obsessive crush as it is described in Meyer’s books… it is all just so accurate to the way a high school crush really looks, acts and feels. Right down to the clothing in Twilight.

I know the whole New Moon story revolves around Bella and Jacob, but WHY wasn’t I crushing as hard on Edward this time around? I honestly think it’s his threads! He was just TOO dressy – he was wearing fancy tweed trench coats and tailored suits (with the exception of the first school scene). I’m sorry, but no one in high school wears clothes like that. When NM movie stills starting creeping out, I initially thought his new look was fancy and improved. I’ve officially changed my mind. Team Casual Edward for me.

Thankfully, it looks like they are going back to our casual cool, easy breezy, high school stud muffin Edward for Eclipse.

Eclipse movie still. Yay, casual 17 year old! No pedo.

Perhaps they intentionally dressed more 1900’s because he had been in Europe away from Forks? According to NM costume designer , Tish Monaghan, in her Entertainment Weekly interview, it was RoBear who didn’t like the peacoat and wanted to be in a suit “to look more mature.”

Ummm. No. Edward is 17. HE DOESN’T AGE, REMEMBER??? He cannot just demand that in his rider. Sorry, Rob. Look, we’ll all look past NM as your “bouji suit phase”, but PLEASE for the love of all that is holy, go back to sneakers and jeans. Don’t make us blast the costume designer on Twitter, cuz our crazy asses will do it!

Here’s to a more laid back looking Edward in Eclipse. Or else.



6 responses

6 12 2009

Ok I gotsta speak up on this 1. It’s my thought that the reasoning behind super suity Edward was maybe to make him seem less open & accessible. To put across how different he is from a normal 17 year old. That yes, while he appears young, he’s super old & therefore would totally dig some tweed. Same goes for that God awful great aunt Mildred hair that Jasper sports. They couldn’t very well show the fellas age by putting them in polyester shorts & tennis shirts with socks up to their knees like it’s Naples, FL *aka God’s waiting room*. There had to be some underlying subtle element to make us, the viewer, say “Ah, yes, he’s really an old guy, even though he’s way hot because that’s how my stylish Grampa dresses”

6 12 2009

God’s waiting room… LMFAO! ok now i just pictured Aunt Mildred in the outfit you described with hair perfectly coifed. hahahhahaha

6 12 2009

While I agree with both you guys, I still think he looks so much better, more handsome, in this relaxed duds. While it’s always nice to know your guy looks good in a suit, I’m a totally fan of the jeans and t-shirt or jeans and button down shirt look.

6 12 2009

Maybe they made his look more dressy to keep with the book, because in the book Alice dresses all the Cullens and she’s not a t-shirt and jeans girl. She’s dressy so she would dress the others the same. Remember she was always trying to put Bella in a dress.

6 12 2009

I liked Fancy Edward. But I’m fancy. I am also down with casual 17 year old EC, but like sarahterrible says, I think it’s showing what an old soul he really is. Like yeah Im in high school, and I am supposed to be 17, but I am really 109, play the classical piano and listen to Debussy. Look at my tweed, I am this tweed. That fancy suit IS Edward.

6 12 2009

Nothing beats the caszh Edward (Ed, Eddie..? no, nevermind…) strutting across the home of the Spartan’s parking lot with Bella on his arm and those ray bans and that grin.. When he says “I’m breaking all the rules anyways..” and puts his arm around her. Or when he pops by her dad’s house in that blue sporty athletic looking maybe even pop collar outdoorsy jacket, and pops the dent out of her truck and invites her over to the cullen’s lair.

i am totally for super caszh Twilight Edward. the New Moon suits are a snore….

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